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keyBasics Rhino 3D Course + Concept Car training

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What Will You Learn?

  • This Rhinoceros 3D key Basics training course tackles everything you need to know about the Rhinoceros 3D principles of 3D Modelling. The course’s original method was developed by Dr. Kubasek Krzysztof over nine years while teaching at design schools such as the School of Form in Poznan or Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Using this proven method of video-based learning, you will quickly absorb each of the topics presented to you. The Rhino key basics 8 video essential lessons course is designed for people who are just beginning their adventure with 3D design and modeling and those who want to enrich their knowledge with many essential aspects such as interface, viewports, icons functionality, command launching, mouse skills, zooming so that the 3D workspace never limits you.

Course Content

3D Modeling Principles

Introduction to Interface

Commands & Tools

Curve Creation

Concept Car Training

Student Ratings & Reviews

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1 year ago
The first part (before the car tutorial) was reasonable speed for a biggenner. Very excellent and usefull tricks to know about.
The second part (car tutrial) was also very good, but I missed many steps and I had to stop the video and rewind. Maybe it would be better if it was a bit slower. Many clicks on different buttons are done relatively quickly for my taste.

I am certainly much more comfortable by the end of the course anticipating what I will do (like with the emblem) before even watching the rest of the video.

In general, excellent course for biggeners. I highly recommend it for someone who is getting into Rhino.

Thank you very much.

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