About Me

Hello, I am Krzysztof

I am an Industrial Designer and Ph.D. professor at Industrial design schools such as the School of FORM in Poznań or the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław. I have competence and experience in the overall leading of the industrial project – from the idea through the graphic presentation, 3D modeling, CNC prototyping, prototypes, 3D printing, the selection of manufacturing technology, materials, and advanced CAD documentation. Together with the Wrocław University of Technology and Wrocław Technology Park, we design social robots. Projects of my Kubasek Studio have been exhibited, in, for example, Arena Design Poznań, the London Science Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, FLASH on Innovations-Technology-Machines – Poland, the Technology ISH Exposition Frankfurt, CEBIT Hannover, Robots on Tour, Zurich, and CES Las Vegas.

My Rhino 3D projects

Skills matters. You don’t need tons of books and a million hours of tutorials to learn the most crucial basics. You need compressed essentials to kick you and enable you to make a quick transition to start modeling your concepts.